Most Innovative Applied Concept


We are the proud winner of the European Innovation Award for the “Most Innovative Applied Concept” with our new Urban Protection Cream.


The new Urban Protection Cream from Lydia Daïnow contains an active ingredient complox with sunflower sprouts, Tara Tannin essence and black tulip extract. Protects against environmental stress and thus prevents premature light-induced skin ageing. Cupuacu- and shea butter pamper the skin with moisture. Strengthens the skin barrier and protects the skin.

→ Hygienic package in a 50ml airless dispenser

→ Organic product, free from synthetic ingredients

Did you know that too much particulates, blue light and infrared radiation have not only negative health effects but also on skin ageing? Pollutants in the air weaken skin barrier, skin dries and looses its elasticity.

Protect your skin against environmental stress!