Summer is just around the corner, for many the most beautiful time of the year. It promises sun, warmth, balmy nights and pure joy of life. But sometimes the hot days can demand a lot from us and every refreshment and relief is very welcome.

To make you feel fresh and well-groomed even in the summer heat, we offer you the following refreshment:

Refreshing Face Mist

The soft mist of this face spray refreshes and moisturizes the skin. An indispensable companion on hot working days, when travelling or simply for a little refreshment in between. Can also be used several times a day over make-up.

→ With blue micro algae, blue daisy extract, acerola and lime water.

→ Organic product, free from synthetic ingredients

→ For all skin types

Anwendung: Use several times a day. Close the eyes and spray from a distance of approx. 20 cm on the face. Ideal for extra freshness on-the-go. Can be used over or under makeup.