In our hectic environment, body awareness and health get more and more important. It is no longer only a matter of making an impact to the outside but being at peace with yourself. Less people seek to attain the ideals and instead like to feel pleasant and satisfied. BodyProtect products help you and your body taking time out.
The special care formulation with valuable organic extracts and oils pamper the skin and enchant with their sensual, fresh fragrance. Experience the long-lasting effect and the soft and supple skin sensation.

Body protect products

Body Protect
Richly nurturing body balsam
With OM24® and CLEOMILK®
  • Cell and phytoactive components protect the cells and improve the surface structure of every skin in a way that lasts
  • Skin becomes much more supple and feels smooth
→ For all skin types
Jubilee Baume
Firming moisturiser for décolleté and breast area
With high-quality plant extracts such as field horsetail, cucumber and marigold
Strengthen and support the skin’s tissues
→ For all skin types
Firming body oil
With a range of plant extracts to stimulate circulation
  • Has a detoxifying effect
  • Strengthens the tissues of the skin
  • Use as an anti-cellulite moisturiser
  • To prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

→ For all skin types

→ Vegan

Soin Mains
Rich moisturising cream for stressed, dry hands
High-quality oils make the skin feel smooth and delicate again
A special vitamin C ingredient lightens age spots
→ For stressed, dry hands
Protège Mains
Moisturising cream for dry hands
With hyaluronic acid, panthenol and physical UVA / UVB filters
Absorbed immediately without leaving an oily film
→ For dry hands
Derma Soft
Soft peeling for hands and body for a delicate, silky skin
With Himalaya salt and moisturising oils
Activates cell-regeneration and micro-circulation
→ For hands and body
Shake well before use. Apply to dry skin and massage in well – remove by washing.
Deodorant / Deo for Men
Mild deodorant cream
Anti-perspirant formula with olive and jojoba oil
  • Protects reliably and lastingly against body odor
  • Maintains sensitive skin
  • Provides security and freshness the whole day with a mild fragrance
→ For all skin types
LD Mineralsalz
Alkaline mineral bath salts for external application
With alkaline salts and Himalaya salt
  • Can clean the skin and remove impurities
  • Regulates the fat content of the skin and makes it soft and supple
→ For all skin types