Swiss Quality, Tradition and Innovation for Radiant, Beautiful and Healthy Skin

Lydia Daïnow offers high-quality skin care products that are innovative, skin-friendly and effective at the same time. Our products support the natural regeneration and renewal of the skin, helping to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Our range offers the right product for all skin types.

We carefully select the active ingredients according to strict criteria. We mix innovative and proven ingredients and wherever possible and sensible, we use purely herbal substances. Our products are developed and produced according to strict guidelines in Switzerland.

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Our well established care philosophy was developed by the founder and beauty pioneer Lydia Daïnow. She opened her first beauty institute in 1934 and ran a cosmetics school in Geneva, which resulted in a very special skincare programme. We protect and nourish the skin during the day with rich care products. At night, we use light textures to support the nightly regeneration and detoxification, encouraging the natural skin function. Today, our products are still developed according to these principles of the founder. Our aim is to produce highly effective skincare products to maintain and regain a healthy complexion. Today, as always, the company is committed to using pure, herbal ingredients and their powers that greatly benefit the skin. We do not just sell products, but a successful philosophy for well-groomed skin.


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