Cosmetics pioneer Lydia Daïnow

In 1934 Lydia Daïnow founded her first beauty institute and a beauty school in Geneva, this lead to a very special skin care program. The pioneer went her own ways, her philosophy is to protect the skin during the day with rich nourishing formulations. During the night, however, she used light consistencies in order not to interfere with the skin’s natural function, but to assist it in its nightly regeneration and detoxification. In 1946 she was one of the co-founders of FREC (Fédération Romande d’esthétique et de Cosmetologie) and CIDESCO (International d’Esthetique et de Comitée Cosmetologie) and laid a leading foundation for the profession of beautician as we know it today. She was often referred to as a role model and pioneer of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments.


The tradition of Lydia Daïnow lives on

The tradition lives on with the family Hartmann. Jolanda Hartmann as a professionally trained beautician knows the problems and needs of her customers. Regular contact with beauticians as well as end consumers is one of her top priorities. With many innovative ideas, she ensures the ongoing improvements and innovations in the product range. Each product has to prove its effectiveness and meet the quality and the company’s philosophy standards. Markus Hartmann is responsible for all quality related topics – starting from product development on to the choice of the right raw materials, production and final packaging. Each step is continuously monitored and controlled in order to assure the consistent, high quality standards of Lydia Daïnow products.
The common goal is the production of highly effective skin care products to protect and regain a healthy complexion. Nowadays the company still aims to use the effects of pure herbal ingredients for a better skin. We do not only sell products, but a successful philosophy for a beautiful radiant skin.

Comprehensive range & unique ingredient combinations

The range now covers an extensive facial and body-care program, which allows the beauticians to find the perfect treatment for each customer. The range was complemented with unique special treatments that we offer exclusively to professional beauticians. Our Cellutone products are even recommended and used by dermatologist for scar regeneration.

Customer satisfaction is our focus

Direct contact to the beauticians and end consumers is an important part of our philosophy as it is the only way to understand their concerns and needs. Therefore inquiries and complaints have top priority, because only a satisfied customer is a customer of tomorrow.

Lydia Daïnow your reliable partner for beauty and well-being

We place great emphasis on professional advice; therefore we sell our products only through cosmetic institutes. Thus we can be sure that customers get the right product for their skin. Lydia Daïnow offers only high quality products that are developed and produced exclusively in Switzerland. We combine tradition and experience of over 80 years with innovative active ingredients and treatment concepts that rely on the power of nature.

With our convincing products you can help your customers to regain healthy and beautiful skin, even with problematic skin types. We focus on near-natural ingredients with high skin tolerance, we refrain from animal testing and ingredients derived from dead animals. We support you with information, treatment guidelines and promotional materials. For questions, suggestions and criticisms you are always welcome to contact us.