By placing an order, the depository agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below:

The Distributor receives from the manufacturer, an item list with the appropriate distributor prices. This is felt in the current version for annual turnover. Order quantities must be met! The pricing on the spot or sets the retail prices of the sales partners to comply with the assurance of the pricing (recommended retail pricing) of the brand (not more than 10% difference). The contract products, which the distributor by the manufacturer are exclusively invoiced in CHF.* Service only sell goods to a beauty salon, and only as a working material! Delivery ex works, by prepayment with order. Complaints in writing only until 7 days after receiving the goods. The costs for proper packaging of the products bear the company-appointed, all the transportation costs borne by the distributor. The Distributor is particularly obliged to contribute independently and without cost-sharing of the company for the proper dispatch of the contract products including all additional costs and customs fees. The company is authorized under its general distribution policy, the change in the plant above list prices with a notice period of three months. Orders have already been confirmed to be unaffected.